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CMD’s platform is cost-effective, scalable and can readily be produced with a footprint appropriate to point-of-need applications, with a time-to-result of less than 20 minutes. The company has pioneered the diagnostic use of the Cotton-Mouton effect and has demonstrable and unrivalled expertise in the development of diagnostic applications of the technology.

The Company has identified and is focussed on three key application areas namely:

Human Diagnostics

The rise of personalised medicine is driving demand for rapid, multi-analyte sensing within the healthcare sector.

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Veterinary Diagnostics

The veterinary diagnostic market mirrors that of human healthcare, with an increasing demand for rapid, point-of-need diagnosis of animal disease.

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Biopharmaceutical Process Control

As a consequence of an increased demand for parenteral (bio)pharmaceutical products, the global biological safety testing market is flourishing. Current testing methods are cumbersome, labour intensive and prone to interference.

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We encourage enquiries from prospective commercial partners who may be interested in the application of CMD’s technology in point-of-need and other diagnostic applications. We also welcome enquiries from pharmaceutical, veterinary and other companies who would like to explore co-development opportunities.

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