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Cotton Mouton Diagnostics (CMD) is an exciting new bio-medical company focused on developing rapid, robust bio-detection systems for both laboratory and point-of-need applications. Based upon an innovative and proprietary magneto-optical technology, we deliver single and multi-analyte sensing solutions at low cost.

Our Technology

CMD’s technology is uncomplicated, demonstrably reliable and, critically, maintains sensitivity and precision when challenged with complex sample matrices – including whole blood. The platform uses a magneto-optical detection principle unrelated to other sensing technologies and is proprietary to CMD. Our competitive advantage lies in an affordable, scalable and clinically validated technology capable of delivering results in less than 15 minutes.

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Clinical validation

Pre-commercial funding enabled the development of a hand-held device for the point-of-care diagnosis of malaria. Field-testing across Africa and Asia on more than 1,000 patient samples, demonstrated the ability to detect a marker of malaria from finger-prick samples in around five minutes.

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